Eric Koch:
August 31, 1919, to April 28, 2018

Koch’s blogs are feuilletons.

So are most blogs but they don’t know it.

Eric KochTraditionally, in Europe, feuilletons are short discursive commentaries separated from the political sections of newspapers by a line and usually printed in smaller type. This indicates distance from the news of the day, sometimes a very far distance. Occasionally they are deliberately provocative, and once in a while, outrageous.

Eric Koch is the author of thirteen books of fiction and five books of non-fiction. Since he was twenty-one when he came to Canada, in 1941, it is not surprising that his subject matter has often been the recent European, specifically the German, past. This blog deals with any subject that he hopes will intrigue his readers because it intrigues him.

Koch spent thirty-five years in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as producer and executive, and eighteen years as contract professor in the Social Science Division of York University in Toronto.

This is his first exercise in the Higher Journalism.