Otto & Daria

Book launch

Eric Koch’s new book was launched on September 24, 2016. The author was interviewed by David Schatzky for about 45 minutes about how the book came to be published and its personal and historical context. YouTube video

From the covers…

In Otto and Daria “the past is painted with the brush of a novel, but made all the more convincing by its truth.” — The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson

ottoanddariacover“I envy those readers of Otto & Daria who for the first time are entering the curious, complicated, and cultured world of Eric Koch. No one will finish reading this lovely book without experiencing a lifting of the spirits. To read it is to appreciate the value of music, literature, the effects of war, the hopes of peace, and the world’s cultural if not its civilized values.” — John Robert Colombo, author, editor and translator of more than 200 books

Published by University of Regina Press. Available at !ndigo and Amazon.



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  1. James B. Kelly

    Hi Eric,
    I sat beside you at a Munk lecture and tried to keep you from nodding off without a great deal of success.
    That afternoon I mentioned to you how few people could name a book that changed their life. The author here points to a book that changed her life . . . because of what it didn’t say. Thought you might be interested.

    What’s the Difference Between Fox News and Oxford University Press?
    by Frances Moore Lappé

    Enjoy your blog!

    James B. Kelly