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Austria’s More Likeable Side Has Won

Source: Südostschweiz, Switzerland, May 24

In a few weeks on an emotional rollercoaster a nation plunged to the depths of right-wing populism, made a little detour on a ghost train to the past – and suddenly now everything is different….

Alexander Van der BellenThis election of a Green president does not express the mood in the country, but it could change that mood. Austria is uneasy and has been chronically bad-tempered for some time now. But Austria is not as right-wing as other countries tend to believe. And Alexander Van der Bellen is an Austrian to the core. With his easygoing temperament, his self-irony, his tolerance and resilience against unreasonable conformism and both left and right-wing narrow-mindedness, he embodies the congenial side of the Austrian identity. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Green president turned out to be a highly popular head of state.