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An Eco-ethical Fossil Fuel: Compressed Natural Gas

Neil Reynolds wrote in The Globe and Mail on March 27:

“The Honda GX runs on compressed natural gas, the only alternative fuel so cheap that it doesn’t need government subsidies. Now sold in 197 dealerships in 36 states, it’s an assembly-line family car, the first mass-produced CNG vehicle. [It’s not yet available in Canada.] It lists at $26,000 (U.S.) and gets good mileage: 30 miles per (U.S.) gallon in city driving, 42 miles per gallon in highway driving. The price of CNG ‘at the pump’ runs $2.50 a gallon – the same price, ironically, that Republican presidential contender Newt Gingrich has set as a long-term American goal for regular gasoline.

“Honda says the GX gets 240 miles per fuelling, twice the distance typically delivered by an all-electric car.”

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Elderly observers remember that in the early sixties Algeria developed exactly the same compressed gas technology. Evidently, the world had to wait half a century for it to make history.


President Newt Gingrich — Could it happen?

Points made on Monday, January 23, on the Charlie Rose show about the Republican primary in South Carolina. Participants: Mathew Dowd, Bloomberg News and ABC News; John Meacham, Executive Editor, Random House, Contributing Editor, Time magazine; Nate Silver, 538-Blog, The New York Times.

Yes, it could happen, should there be a severe down-turn in the economy in the summer – an oil crisis, for example, or bad news from Europe. There was a 24-point shift in popularity in Newt’s favour in ten days.

Newt appeals to blue-collar, white America – which includes Reagan Democrats – Archie Bunker types.

The base of the Republican Party is NOT Wall Street, NOT the rich, but blue-collar, white America. The Republican establishment has lost control of the campaign.

It’s now a race between the good Newt Gingrich, disciplined, knows where he is going, and the bad Newt Gigrich, undisciplined, short-tempered, all over the place. Attacking the press as “despicable” on the issue of his personal life – three marriages! – was brilliant.

Newt is the new Nixon. Not the new Reagan.

Mitt appeals to the “Conservatesientsia.” It is forgotten that Newt, now waging a war against the Washington System, was part of the establishment when Speaker of the House.

Voters want a passionate, optimistic narrative. That is not in Mitt’s genes.

For Americans, voting for a president is the most important personal choice – outside family choices – they make in their lives. The President enters their living room every night.