Soros Pledges Money to Fight Increase in Hate Crimes

George SorosSource: The New York Times, November 20

After a series of attacks against immigrants and minorities since election day, the financier George Soros says he will commit $10 million from his personal foundation to combat a rise in hate crimes that he linked to the “incendiary rhetoric” of President-elect Donald J. Trump’s campaign.

Mr. Soros, a Holocaust survivor originally from Hungary, said in a telephone interview this week that he was “deeply troubled” by hundreds of reports of possible hate crimes since the election – including many Nazi swastikas spray-painted on cars and buildings.

“We must do something to push back against what’s happening here,” Mr. Soros said, blaming what he termed the “dark forces that have been awakened” by the election.

I Really Didn’t Say Everything I Said

Yogi Berra? Apocryphal?

Yogi BerraDear Quote Investigator: Thanks for working to help clear up so many incorrect quotations and attributions. I have a question about a quote that might be suitable as the motto of your website. Yogi Berra supposedly said one of the following Yogi-isms:

1. I really didn’t say everything I said.
2. I didn’t say everything I said.
3. I never said half the things I said.
4. Half the things I said, I never said them.
5. I never said most of the things I said.

Did Yogi say one of these statements?

Quote Investigator: In February 1986, there is good evidence that Yogi Berra did say the first statement above as recorded in a Long Island, New York, newspaper.