The Last Post

Sooner or later, after nearly eight years without missing a day, the end had to come. Even during surgery, my duty came first. For all I know, the North Korean elite has depended on me. Not to mention all the others. No more procrastination. This is it.

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Without my son Tony’s supervisory and technical participation none of this would have been possible.

And thank you, too, WordPress.

Eric Koch

Fake News Déjà Vu

Source: The New York Review of Books, May 25

In an essay titled “The Inventor of the Presidency,” Gordon S. Wood writes:

…There were narrow-minded opponents of the new government – “disappointed expectants and malignant designing characters” – Washington called them. These “political mountebanks were trying to undermine the Constitution without giving it a chance.” At the same time, Washington continued, “increasing numbers of newspapers were spreading scurrility & malignant declamation and poisoning public opinion with falsehoods.”